Phenibut Review: Best Nootropic in Social Situations?

There’s only one reason and one reason only I’m writing this Phenibut review.

Why? Because it’s my favorite nootropic and social lubricant ever. Bar none, nothing even comes close to it in terms of an all in one super-supplement.

In terms of socializing, Phenibut is an undisputed heavyweight champion. There aren’t many social situations Phenibut doesn’t greatly enhance.

But there’s a science to turning up with Phenibut. Luckily, you’re talking to a Phenibut expert with countless hours in the game, so I’m qualified to give you this review of Phenibut.

Does Phenibut work? Why yes, yes it does. But first, allow me to educate you in the ways of wonderful Phenibut.

P.S: This is not legal or medical advice. I am not a doctor or a lawyer. Make sure to read our disclaimers page. It’s always worth mentioning that I do not ever recommend taking Phenibut if you have any history of substance abuse. Do not take it if you have any history of psychiatric conditions.

What is Phenibut?

Before we get too far into my Phenibut review, let’s take a quick look at what this smart drug is and why so many people love it.

Phenibut is used as a smart drug or nootropic by people from across the globe. The smart drug has been shown to offer huge positive effects, which is why so many use the supplement. Many love to use Phenibut for:

  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved social interactions
  • Stress reliever
  • Creativity booster
  • Anti-anxiety
  • …And so much more!

The history of Phenibut is quite interesting, as well. Phenibut was developed in the 1960s in the Soviet Union, aka Russia. The Russian astronauts would take Phenibut as an anti-stress supplement. They preferred Phenibut because it wouldn’t have a negative effect on any type of performance while in space (Source).

Nowadays, people don’t take Phenibut for relaxed space travel any longer. Most of us take the nootropic for the cognitive and social benefits. Many people, like salesmen, students, and online hustlers use this smart drug to battle anxiety, improve their social skills, and enhance their creativity.

The main reason this nootropic has become so popular is that Phenibut really works. Trust me! Learn more about the effects of Phenibut here.

Phenibut vs. Alcohol

People always talk up alcohol as this elixir of unrestrained creativity. I’ve drank just enough to verify that.

But it doesn’t hold a candle to Phenibut. Ernest Hemingway and Steven King might have been aided by alcohol, but they would have done even better with Phenibut.

Yes, I’m that confident in it’s ability to unlock creativity and help you find the right word. Phenibut acts as a nootropic in addition to being a potent anxiolytic (Source).

It combines the brain-boosting power you’d get from a piracetam with the lowered inhibitions you’d get from alcohol.

That means you get:

  • Lowered inhibitions
  • Warmness
  • Semi-euphoria
  • Increased creativity

You get all these benefits with Phenibut, but none of the downsides with alcohol, including:

  • Sugar rushes which cause you to crash
  • Splitting hangovers that make you welcome death
  • Spending inordinate money on drinks
  • Yelling to get someone’s attention all night

Luckily, I never wasted much time or many brain cells on alcohol. I was never a big fan of it going all the way back to high school. Hated the way alcohol with sugar weighed me down while drinking.Hated hangovers three times as bad.

Phenibut is all the positives of alcohol with none of the negatives, except for one.

Alcohol is obviously a huge social bonding tool. There’s the effects of the alcohol, but it’s also the physical bonding of sharing drinks at a table.

Something about people buying each other drinks and clinking glasses acts as a ritual for social bonding. This placebo effect is arguably as powerful as the alcohol itself.

You’re not going to get people to bond around a bunch of Phenibut on a table. But in terms of the drug itself, Phenibut is a better alcohol, end of story.

Now, how’s it compare to another certain special drug?

Phenibut vs. Cannabis

Better known as weed, pot, dope, green, trees and whatever you want it to be really. For someone who isn’t me, Weed might be a great social lubricant. Wouldn’t know personally. Some people act as if Cannabis is great for bonding or “chilling,” but I’m not so easily convinced.

For example, weed tends to make people disassociate easily. It seems like people who are mutually high are great at bonding with each other.

We’ve all seen people have stereotypically high conversations. They bring up a supposedly profound point, pause and then zone out or fall apart in a gaggle of giggles. I’m sure it’s fun.

But it’s kind of annoying when you’re not in the same state. Seems to work better for bonding in smaller or more introverted settings. Great for an intense smoke session with close friends.

But out at the bar? I know some who swear by that. Those are typically wake and bake types. That’s barely applicable, because they’re sober. That’s their new normal. For those sensitive to cannabis.

Seems like the loud hustle and bustle of a bar is too intense. Don’t recommend it for going out. Back to decided smart drugs and how they compare.

Obviously, some will disagree, but most will find the Phenibut high far preferable to weed. Just trust me on this one.

Phenibut vs. Modafinil

Now to something I have a lot of personal experience with. Modafinil is an amazing compound. While this is a Phenibut review, I can’t deny how awesome the king os smart drugs is. The level of raw focus and intent you can achieve with it is otherworldly.

In terms of ruthless desire to keep working until somethings finished, Modafinil is king. It’s an alpha dog nootropic that:

  • Increases memory retention
  • Improves cognition without stimulation
  • Delays fatigue, both mental and physical

Phenibut does the latter two also. Other than memory retention, Phenibut does most things Modafinil can and a whole lot more. And there are big downsides to Modafinil. They are as follows:

  • Restlessness when out in public
  • Increased anxiety
  • Uneasy socialization

I’ve heard some say that it helps you socialize, or that they felt less anxiety when using it. Personally, I can’t say the same, and it became worse for me.

Generalized anxiety, in particular, became a bit worse. I was also more impatient in social situations. Minor inconveniences that might normally annoy me only a tiny bit would annoy me greatly.

Talking to people wasn’t the best either. I was too focused on everything they were saying. Plus, I wasn’t cool and collected. I treated people’s conversations that something I was intensely studying.

This is modafinil’s primary function. It’s a concentration, analytical problem-solving and motivation super serum. The best part is that it does so without being a stimulant which promotes hyperactivity (Source).

It’s the king of slogging through work without feeling cracked out. But again, it’s far from some ideal for social events or day to day work.

For example, I remember the first time using it in public. I felt like a golden retriever that had to look and be aware of absolutely everything in my environment. I love dogs, but I don’t want to behave like a doggo when I’m out and about.

Final Verdict: Tremendous for hours and hours of mundane work. Not great for any social situations, although sales calls on Modafinil can be fire.

Phenibut vs. Caffeine

Stimulants are always a mixed bag. They can be great for increasing verbal fluency and enthusiasm. They do come with a downside, though. Stimulants almost always increase anxiety to a certain extent. People feel it in varying degrees.

Personally, it isn’t noticeable for me unless I start to get to cups and cups of joe a day. That’s a large amount of caffeine. In numerical amounts, we’re talking over 600 mgs a day. Stay under that, and it’s less noticeable.

Still, it’s not the best for smooth social skills. You’ll be more into conversations and energized, but you may feel the jitters and get nervous.

It’s more of a give and take. But it’s not as bad as modafinil in terms of the pure restlessness, but it still has many of the same issues in terms of anxiety. It’s okay, but you can do better my dear readers.

Caffeine does combine well with Phenibut. A cup or two of coffee after taking Phenibut can be a deadly combination, especially when socializing during the day or at night.

Phenibut vs. Piracetam

Piracetam is known as a great nootropic for increasing social flexibility and promoting empathy with others.

I’ve used it, and wasn’t blown away by the results. It definitely helped me with my vocabulary, and I did notice a bit better memory with names.

But my inhibitions weren’t significantly lowered. There wasn’t the semi-euphoria or warmness of Phenibut or a similar substance.

It marginally helps certain cognitive functions which make you a better conversationalist. That is a big part of socializing, obviously. But this doesn’t allow a person to cut loose. It doesn’t do anything to help you vibe with a group of people when you’re out and about.

The Undisputed King of Social Lubricants: A Detailed Phenibut Review

For my money, Phenibut is easily the best available smart drug for socializing. There’s nothing that comes close to having so much upside with so little downside. Seriously, if you understand Phenibut dosing, the side effects are non-existent and the benefits are incredible.

It increases your verbal fluency without any concurrent anxiety or lack of lack of control. It increases your ability to cut loose and have a good time without you feeling like hot steaming garbage the next day.

Phenibut also makes music practically come alive when you listen to it. This makes even the most self-conscious wall-flowers consider dancing. If not, at least the tunes are knocking in the meantime.

You’ll want to talk to people more. And you’ll be more interesting when you do. You’ll care less when you mess up. You’ll want to dance, and you’ll want to have fun. What’s not to love?

There’s only way for you guys to find out. Buy some Phenibut online from any of the trusted vendors below, and try it out for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I know I was. That’s why I created this Phenibut review for y’all.

Until next time, stay optimized!

P.S: If you’re looking to buy Phenibut online, here’s where I get it:

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