What Does the Phenibut High Feel Like?

Ah yes, the Phenibut high. It’s cool, it’s smooth, and it doesn’t need to explain itself to anybody.

If there was ever a fun smart drug, it’s Phenibut. You don’t use Phenibut to cram for a final. You use Phenibut in social situations. Here’s a short primer:

  • You become a slick charmer, without turning into a sloppy animal.
  • It boosts creativity, without a splitting headache the next day.
  • Phenibut will reduce social anxiety, while retaining motivation.
  • It can even boost music, without experiencing any big come down – which can be huge in the gym or while dancing.

It’s legit in social situations, to say the least. I knew Phenibut was a special nootropic the first time I tried it. The Phenibut high was dramatic and specific. You’ll be amazed the very first time you try it.

But there are no free lunches in life, and Phenibut is no different than anything else. You can’t do it mindlessly or recklessly and not pay a price. Phenibut can give you serious withdrawals and nasty side effects if chronically abused.

Even with responsible use, there are a few things you must know when using it. You must fully understand a Phenibut high for it to be effective. The first priority is to keep you safe. But it’s also you ensure you get the most out of it!

So without further ado, let’s discuss the come-up, the high itself and the comedown. By the end of this article, you’ll understand how to safely and effectively enjoy the buzz of this quirky Russian supplement.

P.S: This should come as no surprise. I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any nootropic or smart drug, especially Phenibut. You must understand dosing and side effects with this supplement. Oh, and please read our disclaimer, too. 

P.P.S: Secondly, do NOT use Phenibut if you’ve had any history of substance abuse or dependency on any substance. I want you guys to stay safe, first and foremost. If you think that might be you, it probably is.

When Will the Phenibut High Kick-In?

Phenibut takes a while. In fact, it takes at least an hour or so to be noticeable. Full effects take about 2-4 hours. Whether or not many of you have used other drugs, this probably seems like a long time to wait.

The only common, relatable drug high is taking a cannabis edible – or so I’ve heard. Point being, you’re going to have to be patient. Keep this in mind when using it to boost creativity or hit the bars. You want to give a minimum two hours before the full effects kick in. Remember, that’s on the short end.

Are there ways to make sure it happens as fast as possible? Si Señor, and it’s simple.

Proper Phenibut Dosing and Timing

Alright, here’s the skinny on cutting down the long wait times for the Phenibut high to kick in. It’s something I’ll go over in more detail at some other point. How do you do just that? Simple:

You must take the initial dose on an empty stomach.

If possible, take two doses on an empty stomach. That’s not always going to be possible. Sometimes, you may need to eat something when you first get up. Or, you want to take it in the evening for going out purposes. In this case, double the time needed for an empty stomach in the morning (i.e. 4 hours instead of 2 hours).

I personally do intermittent fasting, so that makes it very easy. I typically don’t eat for a few hours after waking up. Even if you do, try putting off breakfast for at least an hour and taking a small dosage right away.

That’s the first big point. The second one?

Take it with a small amount of caffeine. Coffee works well. Energy drinks are fine if that’s all you got to work with. Even caffeine pills work well. Personally, I’ve only ever done this using coffee.

The basic prescription is to drink a standard cup of coffee (200 mg of caffeine) upon waking and take 500 mg of Phenibut with it.

Why on an empty stomach? Well, an empty stomach allows a faster absorption and metabolizing of Phenibut. It gets into your system faster and with a stronger effect.

Then, I’d recommend one of two choices, you can either eat something and take another dose, or you can fast and take another dose.

Either way, it looks something like this in the morning time:

  • 6:00-8:00 A.M. Wake up. Ingest 500 mg of Phenibut with 200 mg of caffeine.
  • 11:00 A.M Ingest another 500 mg of Phenibut with 200 mg of caffeine. A full meal is optional here.

Those times can be adjusted to fit your schedule. I realize some of you are early birds and others, night owls. But the general pattern remains. Wake up, caffeine and Phenibut. Wait 2-3 hours, another 500 mg and another cup of caffeine.

Note: This is assuming little/no tolerance to Phenibut. Trust me, this will be plenty if you’re unacquainted with the stuff.

Alright, now what can you expect?

What Does the Phenibut High Feel Like? The Come Up

On an empty stomach, you’ll start to feel it about an hour in. The first thing that’s notable is an overall calming feeling coming over you.

If you’ve ever used something like Chamomile tea or GABA as a supplement, it’s like that. Pronounced anxiety or stress lessens. This is primarily because it mimics GABA and acts at some of the same receptors (Source).

Without getting too technical, that means it’s method of action involves activating GABA.
So like alcohol, another GABA activator, you’ll notice a slight euphoric loss of inhibition set in.

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But you’ll also notice a cleaner and sharper energy that compels you to socialize and make connections with others. I’m not normally a guy who likes to say hi to people randomly on the street. It’s always been a weird hang-up for me.

Phenibut lessens my socially anxious quirks. Many report the same things. Something about the warmness extends out to others and you’re more willing to connect.

Even if that connection is talking to that cutie with the doggo you see while walking. About two hours in, you’ll start to reach the height of the Phenibut high – if done on an empty stomach.

The warmness and semi-euphoria will intensify, and you’ll start to get an almost childlike feeling of being light and free.

If you normally struggle with social anxiety, it’ll be in the background. It’s not necessarily gone, but you don’t care enough to let it stop you. It’s somewhat similar to alcohol in this way. Some exaggerate Phenibut and say you become a god of confidence and swagger. That’s a bit dishonest.

The biggest thing you’ll notice is that you’re willing to socialize despite minor feelings of anxiety.
That’s it. You don’t care about your shortcomings or anxiety. But at the end of the day, that’s good enough. The whole point is that you’re more willing to let loose at a party, or flirt with the girl across the room at a house party.

Nothing superhuman about it, but it can feel that way if you’re used to psyching yourself out at every turn.

More Benefits of Phenibut

There are two other notable benefits worthy of mention. You become a silver-tongued devil when you use Phenibut.

The words are just always there. You never have to “hunt,” for them. For some of you, that may not be a problem, but it’s a Godsend if you’ve ever struggled with finding just the right words to make your point.

Phenibut makes you a funny son of a gun too. Trust me, a little bit of comedic ability can go a long way. While it may not make you feel like Apollo or some other Athenian God, it’s still glorious stuff. And although it takes awhile to reach the peak, it lasts for a long time.

In fact, the peak of the Phenibut high lasts around 8-10 hours (Source). It’ll only start to wear off after the 14-hour mark or so. That’s damn good considering the half-life of most drugs. Again, the only common drug that’s comparable to it’s a cannabis edible, but it’s much more ideal than that – again, so I’ve heard.

There’s one other characteristic that becomes immediately noticeable the first time you take 1g of Phenibut or more. Music sounds incredible. Better than marijuana (so I’ve heard) and as good as what I’ve heard of MDMA (wouldn’t know).

There’s a fullness to music that’s remarkable. Any type of club music, dance music or heavy-based Hip-hop radiates through your whole body. But it’s noticeable with any type of music. You will notice an extremely energizing effect from music, much more than normal.

So, if you already like dancing, you’ll get into it even more. If you don’t? You might be more inclined to give it a try. Personally, not a big dancer, but I was certainly more willing to do it while riding the Phenibut high.

One underrated way I like using Phenibut is for gym sessions. I’ve hit PR’s in the gym because the music turned on beast mode like nothing else I’ve ever used. Again, combined with some caffeine and powerful, stimulating music you’re practically forced to kill it in the gym.

To me, these are the big selling points or benefits of Phenibut:

  • Warm, tingly feeling and a sense of overall well-being
  • Lessening of social anxiety and increase in the desire to socialize
  • A subtle increase in tactile sensation and powerful auditory effects
  • Increase in verbal and written creativity and fluidity

The Afterglow

Now, you may be wondering about a dreaded “hangover” from this smart drugs. Is there such a thing as a Phenibut hangover?

For something comparable to alcohol, you may expect a similar comedown. But have no fear, because there is no Phenibut hangover. You read that right. There’s no real negative aftershock of using Phenibut – unless you go WAY overboard. In one word, a Phenibut hangover is…


That’s it. There’s a pleasant subsiding from the warmness of the Phenibut buzz. After a good night’s sleep, which you get with Phenibut, you feel very good. Hard to describe, but it’s simply a very nice afterglow, similar to how you feel after hooking up with someone you care about.

That’s about it. You can then go about your merry way, and you’ll be back to normal. You can repeat this 2x a week for the exact same effect. Personally, I’d take once a week and I consume 500 mg. That’s just enough you’ll notice a subtle creativity boost when working.

The 1mg dosage I’d save for a longer, more intense high. Trust me, the Phenibut high is great for going out. Or, you can occasionally use it for writing/gym sessions. The biggest rule is to not do it more than 2x a week.

The Phenibut High: Everything You Should Know

Everything you’d ever want to know about this smart drug and the Phenibut high can be found above. The main things you should know?

Be smart when taking Phenibut. This stuff is truly amazing, but you need to dose and time things properly to stay safe. Do not abuse Phenibut. Only take this nootropic once or twice a week max!

Oh, and Phenibut works pretty damn well. If you’re looking to tap into your creative side, this is the BEST smart drug for your needs. You will feel a creative burst on Phenibut that’s unlike anything else. Trust me.

Lastly, Phenibut is amazing in social situations. If you’re looking to go out and party without drinking too much booze, there’s no better smart drug. If you’ve ever felt social anxiety, the Phenibut high will help you. I promise.

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