Is Phenibut Dangerous? Everything You Must Know

Is Phenibut dangerous? Well, that’s a tricky question.

Yes, Phenibut is safe – if you properly dose it. However, there’s a little more to know about your favorite Russian astronaut supplement, Phenibut. There’s no doubt the nootropic is one impressive supplement, but many have questions. And you should.

See, there is not a more all in one nootropic supplement out there. There’s nothing else that can make you more productive, outgoing, charming, and focused in one single substance. Phenibut works pretty damn well.

But there are no free lunches in life, and Phenibut is no different. I wish I could say that there were absolutely no downsides or major risks. Yet there are a few. These risks don’t appear easily, and they rarely happen from one-time usage. Thus, the question becomes is Phenibut safe?

Yes, Phenibut is a relatively safe drug. The chance of serious complications is low. But low doesn’t mean non-existent. Phenibut is a compound that builds a physical tolerance rather quickly.

It’s a GABA agonist with a significant tolerance risk (Source). Taking it should be a fun, invigorating and overall pleasurable experience.

But it’s no joke. There are side effects to Phenibut, and they can be serious. I’ve not had any major complications from using Phenibut, and I’ve also not always used it intelligently. There were times I felt slightly uncomfortable, but I was never in any serious danger.

I also tend to be luckier than average in these sorts of situations though. I can still be a bit of a naïve dummy from time to time. My loss is your gain. I’m here to tell you how to best avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

P.S: Please read our disclaimer page. We are not doctors or lawyers. This is not medical advice or legal information. This post is simply for entertainment purposes. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any nootropic, like Phenibut. 

Phenibut Method of Action

There’s one central reason to be cautious when using Phenibut. It’s a GABA agonist. This means it’s structurally similar to one of the most important neurotransmitters in your body (Source). While this is a little confusing, I’ll try to break it down.

GABA is one of the most important inhibiting neurotransmitters found in the body (Source). This means it’s crucial neurotransmitters to keep you calm and even. You’d be in pure anxious psychosis without it.

Phenibut acts chemically as a form of that. It’s no surprise that it feels so good and has such anxiolytic effects. It’s so powerful, that it’s used for psychiatric conditions as serious as PTSD (Source). But, with great power comes great responsibility.

Phenibut’s power is what makes it both a sinner and a saint. It can be a Godsend or it can be hellish. This won’t happen if you use it responsibly, but anything can be dangerous when used or pursued recklessly.

Self-Medicating With Phenibut

Phenibut acts very similar to alcohol, which is another Phenibut agonist. This means that the tolerance which develops is very similar to what an alcoholic experiences. Its risk potential is very similar to alcohol in another way.

It’s easy to justify using Phenibut more often than you should. I’ve personally used it several days in a row before. One of the two stupidest things I’ve done with Phenibut. Thankfully, I then took a long break from Phenibut, and it was fine.

But take a stroll to le Reddit and read a few stories of Phenibut addiction. It’s safe to say many of those people had previous issues which lead them to seek out Phenibut as a crutch for their issues. That being said, it still betrays the fact that Phenibut is easy to abuse if that’s your intent or that’s what you’re looking to do.

Escapism into drugs is a serious issue. Phenibut has that potential. Why I always tell you guys to avoid Phenibut completely if you’ve had ANY history of substance abuse. It’s not worth the risk.

Don’t lie to yourself either. If you’ve ever had any problem with addiction, forget Phenibut.
Phenibut isn’t going to make you forget your terrible life or erase any deep-seeded pain.

Find healthier ways to work through your personal issues. See a psychiatrist and do everything natural first. Exercise, eat clean, seek out healthy relationships, change work/employment and be willing to make big changes to your environment, both internal and external.

Only when you do all that are you in a healthier position to try something like Phenibut. Still, don’t condone it if you’ve had any previous addiction. Now, let’s talk about something a bit less grave and serious.

Phenibut and Acute Issues

As you can see, most Phenibut issues are more about the person using it than the substance itself. It’s not meth, after all.

There have been no confirmed deaths due to one-time usage. The accounts of hospitalization are vague, and they don’t differentiate between withdrawal, extended usage and one-time toxicity (Source). Still, let’s you know that one-time poisoning is a real possibility. The study mentions that the patient was ingesting 3 grams a day, and it was after a period of at least a few days of continuous usage.

That’s FAR more than I would ever recommend anybody using in any context. The max I recommend a newbie taking is about 1 gram. With some experience, I think up to 1500 mg is permissible. That is the absolute max I recommend for anybody.

Some will tell you to take as much as 2 grams. While that may be a lot of fun, that amount is much riskier. If you’re still in control at that point, you probably take too much too often. I’ve taken somewhere between 1500-1750 mg before, and that was uncomfortable.

I was never in any danger, but I was nauseous and felt loopy/unbalanced. It was similar to being drunk which is a feeling I hate as well.Unless you do 2 grams worth or more, you shouldn’t have any major problems.

It might be extremely uncomfortable, though. It could become dangerous if you mix with alcohol, but that’s another article.

Is Phenibut safe? Overall, yes.

Complications Of Phenibut

No experience, but I also wouldn’t mix a large Phenibut dosage with any other significant psychoactive drug other than caffeine. That includes cannabis or any cannabis derivatives for the pot enthusiasts out there.

I haven’t heard much about that combination which is both good and bad.
It may not be seriously dangerous, but we don’t know for sure. To be safe, don’t mix Phenibut with anything else other than caffeine.

One last little warning. Do not use large amounts of Phenibut if you take other strong anti-anxiety medication, neuroleptics or SSRIs. There isn’t much literature on the risks of interaction between those sorts of drugs.

Do not use Phenibut if you use any of the above. I’m not a doctor and can’t tell you for sure. See a medical professional if you’re wondering about yourself. Finally, do NOT take Phenibut if you have any diagnosed psychiatric disorders, including:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Any dissociative disorders

Not a doctor, and if you have any doubt at all, see one qualified to inform you about what to do. I’ve just covered the main areas of interest with Phenibut. Is Phenibut dangerous? Overall, no! But let’s finish up with a few miscellaneous issues.

Is Phenibut Dangerous? – Overall

Well, that depends. The answer to whether Phenibut is safe or not is more than yes or no. Here are a few minor concerns to cover all bases.

Is Phenibut dangerous while behind the wheel? Well, driving may be slightly affected over 1 gram of Phenibut. Never done this, and don’t necessarily recommended it. With caffeine or music, you’ll be fine.

But the minor sedative effect when ingesting over 1,000 mg could be a problem when driving. This minor sedative effect is also something to keep in if you do any extreme sports or engage in any competitive sports.

Your motor skills won’t be affected. Never used Phenibut in this regard, but you would be fine for most amateur events without strict drug testing. It doesn’t contain metabolites, which would show up on most drug test.

This may not hold up for thorough drug tests done for amateur/professional MMA events or the like.
Drug tests at work should be fine, although I’m no lawyer.

As you can see, common sense is your best friend here. But common sense is not always so common, so this conversation is necessary.

We want you guys to avoid all potentially bad situations, so feel free to comment below with any questions!

Is Phenibut safe? Yes, especially if you don’t have substance abuse issues and keep your dose below one gram.

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