Phenibut and Alcohol: Match Made in Heaven or Disaster?

Phenibut and alcohol. Peanut butter and jelly. Shaq and Kobe. Ok, this isn’t making much sense, but the reality of the situation is this…

Alcohol and Phenibut is a combination that many of you will be tempted to indulge in. It’s easy to imagine why. Alcohol is most people’s drug of choice when having a good time with your crew, squad, the boys, the girls, etc.

But, it’s not the best in my humble opinion. But the atmosphere created by sharing a couple of beers or a glass of wine is undeniable.

It’s no wonder why people love a drink or three when out with friends. But some of you out there likely feel the same I do about alcohol. You’re not big fans of getting drinks every damn time someone wants to hang out or meet up at night.

Unfortunately, that’s par for the course in North America and from what I hear, it’s even worse in Latin America.¡Que Lastima! But it’s okay amigos, we’ll manage. This is where the world’s great social smart drug comes into play, Phenibut.

There is a way to responsibly imbibe alcohol with Phenibut, but you gots to be especially careful.
I want to tell you to absolutely never drink and use Phenibut at the same time. But I’d be a hypocrite of unbelievable proportions if I did that. I’ve been a bad boy on occasion and done it myself.

That means one thing. I can fill you in on the best way to use Phenibut and alcohol at the same time. It’s not terribly complicated either. Without further ado, on to the delicate dance of doing both.

P.S: I am not a doctor or a lawyer. This is not medical advice, nor is it legal advice. This post about Phenibut and alcohol is strictly entertainment. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any nootropic, including Phenibut. Only drink alcohol if you’re of age. Oh, and please read our disclaimer

Synergy of GABA and Alcohol

Alcohol is a GABA agonist (Source). In a similar fashion, Phenibut is a GABA agonist (Source). This fact alone explains why mixing the two is dubious at best. They both target GABA, and they both have very similar behavioral effects.

The only difference is that alcohol primarily targets GABA and Phenibut primarily targets GABAb.
So they target different types of GABA neurotransmitters. But the mechanisms of action seem to be almost identical.

If you’ve read other entries in this series, you already know my opinion on Phenibut. It’s alcohol but better. It carries most of the benefits far less of the danger and potential consequences. It’s FAR less likely to give you a headache that makes you welcome death the next day as well. It has a lot going for it.

But the GABA similarity means that the euphoric high, loss of inhibitions and overall warmness is pretty darned similar.

Alcohol is simply more accessible and easy to bond over. Everything about the act of drinking is an aesthetic and social experience:

  • The pouring from the bartender/your buddy
  • The clinking of glasses with friends 
  • The popping of bottles, uncorking of wine glasses and stirring of icy goodness

Hard to convince your non-initiated friends to give all that up. And trust me, don’t think explaining how they’re both GABA Agonist is going to go over well…

Most people are just trying to have a good time. You want to have a good time with them. They’re going to do it primarily through drinking. The great thing about Phenibut is that you won’t need to.
But you might still want to.

And you can combine the two, Phenibut and alcohol, if you’re careful.

The 2x Drink Rule

Here’s the real simple way to think about drinking while using Phenibut. One drink feels like two drinks. Two feels like four. Four feels like eight and so on. That varies by the amount of liquor you use, the amount of Phenibut you use, and your individual tolerance to both.

This is still a good rule of thumb though. One drink will feel like two. Point. Blank. Period. Here’s how I personally would go about it:

  • Early-Evening: Take 250-500 mg of Phenibut
  • Before going out: Take 250-500 mg of Phenibut
  • At Bar/Party: one/two drinks
  • Wait two hours: one/two drinks

The equivalent of about four beers, four shots or a couple glasses of wine is the most I’ve ever done.
This has never given me any serious issues. I’m also a person that doesn’t have a very high tolerance to alcohol and does not drink outside of social situations. For someone who drinks more, you might be able to do more than this.

I’d still follow this general protocol:

Drink HALF of what you’d normally drink early in the night. Then give it at least an hour or two, and decide whether you want to continue drinking.

Make sure the total amount ends up as approximately half of what you’d normally drink. Follow this rule, and it should eliminate the vast majority of potential issues. This rule also assumes you taking between 750-1250 mg of Phenibut. Less than that, and you hardly get any notable social augmentation.

It doesn’t feel like a “party drug,” below that level. Above that, and it begins to get dangerous. It’s the reason I haven’t recommend it before.

DO NOT drink AT ALL if you’ve taken 1500+ mg. That amount of Phenibut is already very sedative, and you’ll likely already have motor control issues. You’ll likely feel nauseous too.
The last thing you’ll need is a single drop of alcohol.

Risk Factors When Combining Alcohol and Phenibut

They’re both strong GABA agonists, so the combination of sedative power can quickly overwhelm you. Phenibut by itself doesn’t carry nearly the loss of coordination that alcohol tends to.

The feeling of semi-euphoria is similar, but you’re not nearly as loopy on a reasonable amount of Phenibut. The other issue with alcohol is that it hits you quicker and more unexpectedly. Two-three drinks can get you out of your head real quick. Phenibut doesn’t sneak up on you like that.

But imagine how an extra glass of wine can wallop you, and then add in the normal effects of 1,000 mg of Phenibut to that. Why my advice of starting with half you normally drink and waiting is so important.

It’s hard to know exactly what amount of alcohol will do to you by itself, let alone with Phenibut. There’s very little margin for error with this combo. It can be a damn good time, but you need to proceed with caution.

Great way to start a big night out!

Closing Concerns: Phenibut and Alcohol

Phenibut by itself is relatively safe. Alcohol can be safe if used responsibly, although it can become extremely dangerous if not controlled properly.

When combining the two, you have further concerns. There are stories out there of near-death experiences involving Phenibut and alcohol. Those are mostly people who used the combo very recklessly.

However, when you dose Phenibut properly and minimize your drinks, the combination can be absolutely amazing. A true match made in heaven for those looking to go out without a hangover the next morning!

There is also a slightly greater risk of wearing out your GABA receptors by abusing this combo.
I’ve not seen any clinical evidence of this, but it is something to think about it. Phenibut carries a physical tolerance risk and so does alcohol.

Withdrawals of not having both could be doubly nasty then. The biggest issue might be the psychological dependence on using both to cope when going out.

Phenibut is meant to aid you as you do creative work or when going out with friends. It’s not a crutch to use because you have serious social anxiety or you have other serious psychiatric conditions. But many people self-medicate using any number of drugs. Phenibut can be just another one due to it’s similar effects to alcohol.

Combining the two into one super-crutch is a double-whammy. Don’t even think of using this combo if you can’t go out sober. I’m serious. If you can’t go out to a house or a bar and not drink any alcoholic drinks, you have no business combining the two.

This, of course, leads me to my always important disclaimer. If you have any history of substance abuse, then do NOT use Phenibut in any context what so ever. Secondly, do not use Phenibut if you have a history of any psychiatric condition such as Bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia or anything similar. I’m not a medical professional or a psychiatrist. See an appropriate professional before beginning any new supplementation program.

Alright, young bucks, that about covers it. This should give you everything you need to know about combining alcohol and Phenibut. If you want to enjoy a little partying without a massive hangover the next morning, then give this combo a shot. Just dose it properly!

Stay safe and have fun out there!

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