How to Find the Ideal Phenibut Dose

If you’re new to smart drugs, then you need to do things properly and precisely. With regards to this nootropic, that means getting your Phenibut dose just right.

Or at least, finding out what dosage of Phenibut will give you the desired effect. After taking this nootropic for years, I know it’s a great question. In fact, it’s a necessary question, and it’s second in importance only to safety/side-effects. An improper Phenibut dosage is rarely dangerous, but it can be disappointing or uncomfortable.

But the dose of Phenibut you choose shouldn’t be abused. So, without further ado, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of how to dose Phenibut appropriately. Just know – this is one heck of a smart drug when dosed properly!

P.S: I am not a doctor or a lawyer. This article about Phenibut doses is not medical or legal advice. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any nootropic or smart drug, especially Phenibut. It’s vital to understand dosing and side effects with Phenibut. Oh, and please read our disclaimer, too.

P.P.S: Secondly, do NOT use Phenibut if you’ve had a history of substance abuse or dependency – while using any substance. I want you guys to stay safe! This is a priority. If you think that might be you, it probably is.

What is Phenibut?

Well, that depends on how you’re looking at things. Today, most people take Phenibut for the nootropic-like benefits. The smart drug has been showing to offer cognitive benefits and effects including (Source):

  • Stress relief
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Creativity booster

…And so much more!

Originally, Phenibut was created in Russia as an anti-stress supplement for astronauts that wouldn’t negatively affect their performance. Nowadays, people take this supplement for differing reasons. It’s not just for space travel any longer.

Phenibut is generally used by CEOs, students, and online hustlers as a nootropic. People take this smart drug to battle social anxiety or to feel more creative. It works wonders in both regards. Trust me, Phenibut really works.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Alright, there’s no one right answer to how much or how often you need to use Phenibut. It depends on MANY factors. These include:

  • Tolerance level
  • Desired effect
  • With or without alcohol, which I generally don’t recommend
  • Activities you want to do while taking Phenibut 
  • Level of health

That’s just a short list of the most important concerns. There are many more. Keep all of this in mind, when you’re deciding how to use Phenibut. The poison is in the dose, as the saying goes.

Or in this case, the poison is in the Phenibut dose. For the sake of this article, these are the levels for someone completely new to Phenibut. Keep in mind that Phenibut has MANY different potential uses. In fact, it’s used to treat everything from mild anxiety to tension and sleep issues (source).

Alright, let’s start with lesser dosages and work our way up:

1). 250 mg

Alright, this is a good starting dose of Phenibut for the uninitiated and cautious.It’s not enough to give you any serious auditory and tactile effects. You’re not going to feel like you’re in a rave. In fact, you’ll barely notice anything at all.

You’ll notice slightly less performance anxiety, and you’ll notice a slight increase in focus when working. That’s about it.

I’ve used very small amounts before cold calling when I worked in sales. It became a bit less difficult to bother people at their homes, such is life in sales.

This, and you enter a “flow state,” a bit easier. When you begin working on a project, you’ll become more intently focused on the task at hand. You’ll also be able to sustain this focus for a bit longer than normal. It’s extremely subtle though.

Don’t expect anything amazing, but this a solid amount for work purposes. Can’t say there’s a noticeable effect on socializing. I did notice a slight reduction in anxiety when starting/ending conversations while doing my old sales job.

My actual verbal fluency remained exactly the same. So, this is a good Phenibut dose to get work done. If you do something like cold calling or public speaking, this works very well. Phenibut was originally crafted as an anxiolytic compound, so it makes sense it’s the first noticeable effect at low doses. But don’t use this for socializing or fun times, not suited for that.

Finally, this is a good amount to start with for a rank beginner. It allows you to gauge your individual sensitivity and work up. Be responsible kids, always good to start small and work up slowly.

To recap, take 250-500 mg and expect:

  • Small increase in focus/concentration
  • Small decrease in performance anxiety
  • Increase in enthusiasm when working

2). 500 mg

This is where it gets interesting. You get the same effects as with the 250-mg dose. But you begin to get a semi-euphoric effect, also. You’ll notice a slight warmness in your body. You won’t feel sedated though, which can be a problem with higher Phenibut doses.

Some will notice the slightest changes to auditory, visual and tactile sensations. Sounds will be slightly enhanced. Lights will be slightly fuller. Touch will be slightly enhanced. It’s still subtle, but you’ll notice if you’re paying close attention.

You’ll notice a big decrease in anxiety. I remember picking up my girlfriend from the airport a few hours after taking this dose. I was unbelievably giddy and happy to see her. It was my GF, so obviously, I was happy.

She asked what happened, and I told her about trying Phenibut. If you do well with socializing, you’ll be better than ever. If you are very introverted or have a tough time socializing, this could at least get you to leave your shell a bit.

The idea is to take this amount in one or two sittings on an empty stomach in the morning. If you like eating it with a breakfast upon waking, that’s no biggie. It may not be quite as strong though. It’ll also take a bit longer to set in.

Lastly, you’ll notice this amount come out in writing. I’ve always been a selectively good writer. At times, that writing has been hampered with writer’s block. Some people say writer’s block is a myth. More and more, I’ve come to think that’s true. Mostly, writer’s block is your self-judgment coming out in full force.

I, like many, let that fear get in the way of my own writing. This Phenibut dose helps take that away. Combine it with a cup of coffee, and the words will pour out on the page. Some of it won’t be good, but you can always go back and edit.

Plus, going back to edit is always easier than staring at a blank sheet of paper or white screen, scared and unable to write anything. Your writing will take on a new degree of creativity and your insights will blossom. Ask me how I know.

Alright, let’s recap the 500 mg Phenibut dosage: 

  • Semi-euphoric feelings
  • Noticeable auditory, tactile and visual effects
  • A boost in creativity, notably writing.

3). 1000 mg

Okay, some of you hedonists out there were waiting for this part. This is amount is very powerful, so do not use it recklessly. I don’t recommend taking this amount right away, but If you must, here’s what you HAVE to know.

This Phenibut dose takes a bit more of a careful approach to dosing. I’d recommend getting up taking 250-500 mg on an empty stomach. Then, take another 250-500 mg 1-2 hours later.
Finally, repeat that process one more time until you arrive at 750-1000 mg.

Now, this dosage of Phenibut is where it starts to feel like a party drug. Some of you wild animals out there are probably giddy at that thought. I get it, it’s exciting. But like other party drugs, this no joke. You have to proceed with caution when taking a large dosage of Phenibut. Here’s the low-down.

First, it’ll take awhile to fully set in. Expect at least 2-3 hours when done on an empty stomach.
If you take it in 2-3 servings, it’ll come in waves spaced 1-2 hours apart. So, it could take at least 6 hours to set in fully if you do it that way. Plan accordingly if you’re fixing to go out to the bars/clubs.

What I’d recommend is the following:

  • Mid afternoon/early evening: Take 250-500 mg
  • Late evening: Take 250-500 mg
  • Nighttime: Take another 250-500 mg just before going out

This should give you a nice window which allows the full Phenibut high to hit at just the right time during late night antics. Great for clubbing/bars or vibing with friends at a house party. You should feel like an unchained animal of positive energy and positivity.

If you’re still having trouble cutting loose, you may have a more severe type of social/generalized anxiety. In this case, your issue goes beyond the scope of this article. No offense. Just saying.

For those with typical levels of social anxiety or trouble socializing, it’ll go right out the window.
You’ll have two good problems though:

  • Music will be so intense and full that you can get totally lost in it. Sounds good, but I’ve spaced out because of how intense it sounds before. You may be different, but be ready for it.
  • You may startle/intimidate people a bit because you’re so unchained and free. If your friends are used to you sober, you may shock them a bit. 

That’s about it. Those visual, auditory and tactile sensations mentioned earlier? They become extremely intense. Music sounds like it vibrates through your body. Subtle touch becomes intense. Sight becomes extremely crisp.

If you look at a bunch of bright illuminated lights at night, it’ll seem unbelievably clear and sharp. Hard to describe exactly, but you’ll know what I mean if/when you do it.

How to Find the Ideal Phenibut Dose – Overall

This isn’t a comprehensive guide, but it’s a good primer on different uses of Phenibut. I encourage you to read others to get the fullest possible perspective on this topic. You can use more than what I talked about here, but I don’t recommend it.

More than 1000 mg Phenibut dose might be too intense for a novice, and it could start to cause loss of motor control and nausea. It could start to feel a bit more like being drunk, which isn’t ideal at all.

From personal experience, I’ve taken the equivalent of about 1750 mg spaced out over a day. That was too much. It felt bad, I couldn’t control movements especially well, and I became somewhat nauseous.

My stupidity is your gain. Cut off your Phenibut dose at about 1,000 mg. Can’t recommend any more than that, especially for beginners. Point. Blank. Period.

And just to give you an idea of the risk. There have been reports of Phenibut overdoses that have induced hospitalization (source). The study is too alarmist overall, and the dose was WAY over the daily max recommended 2000 mg amount. Still, that should let you know this isn’t anything to play with.

This smart drug can be absolutely amazing, especially with regards to creativity or while in social situations. But you have to remember, Phenibut is no joke, Y’all!

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