How to Buy Modafinil in Spain

¡Bienvenido! When you’re curious how to buy Modafinil in Spain, you’ve come to the right place. In this detailed guide, I discuss the legalities of smart drugs in Spain, whether you need a prescription, and if buying Modafinil is a good idea in this country.

Spain’s import controls work a little differently than others in the region. So, you’ll need to pay attention to make sure any online order shows up on time while in this country. It’s possible, but you won’t get your smart drugs in 3-5 days here – like you can in other European countries, including the United Kingdom.

P.S: This is not medical advice/information or legal advice. This article is informational and should be viewed solely and only as entertainment. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any nootropics, especially Modafinil. Oh, and please read our disclaimer, too. 

What is Modafinil?

Before we dive too deep, let’s take a look at what Modafinil is and why people love it so much. Modafinil was originally developed as a pharmaceutical drug in France during the late 1980s. The brand name of Modafinil was called Provigil and it was created to be the premier wakefulness agent on the market.

As such, doctors can legally prescribe Modafinil for ailments like (Source):

  • Narcolepsy
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Shift Sleep Disorder

However, times have changed. Nowadays, people take Modafinil as a smart drug. In fact, generic Modafinil has become the world’s most popular smart drug. Why? Because the stuff works really, really well.

If you’re looking to improve cognition, enhance memory, and increase productivity for 12+ hours – then Modafinil might be the perfect nootropic for your needs.

There’s a reason CEOs and grad students have been relying on Modafinil for over a decade now. You will get stuff done, get better grades, and make more money when you taking this smart drug.

Is Modafinil Legal in Spain?

Modafinil is legal in Spain, but it is not legal to buy Modafinil over-the-counter in Spain. While some have gotten Modafinil OTC in Spain, others have reported they weren’t able to buy Provigil at a pharmacy in Spain without a prescription.

Reports have said that only a few pharmacies carry Modafinil in Spain. While you may find generic Modafinil in the form of Modiodal here, the only confirmed Modafinil we’ve found has been Provigil.

It should be noted that Provigil tends to be far more expensive than generic Modafinil purchased online.

Do You Need a Prescription For Modafinil in Spain?

Yes, you will most likely need to get a prescription for Modafinil while in Spain. Unless you get lucky with a sketchy pharmacy, you’ll need to get a prescription from a doctor for narcolepsy or sleep apnea.

While this is possible if you speak decent Spanish, most users will find it easier to buy Modafinil online in Spain. Even with the strict import controls here, there are still online Modafinil pharmacies who offer guaranteed delivery here.

How to Buy Modafinil in Spain – Online Buyers’ Guide

Buying Modafinil in Spain can present some problems that simply aren’t an issue in other countries. With strict import controls, certain Modafinil vendors do not ship to the country.

Other online Modafinil pharmacies ship to Spain, but it takes far longer than other countries to get a smart drug order.

Still, we did some digging and found a few places where you can buy Modafinil online and reliably ship it to Spain. Without further ado, here’s where we recommend you buy Modafinil online in Spain:


If you want the fastest shipping times to Spain, then ModaPharma may be the online Modafinil vendor you’re looking for.

These guys hold stock in Europe, so they tend to offer quicker shipments to the region. While Spain’s import controls can be tricky, most ModaPharma orders arrive within 12 business days after ordering.

Plus, ModaPharma offers incredible Bitcoin discounts, return customer coupons, great customer service, and more.

Overall, we’ve been incredibly impressed with the service from this Modafinil vendor in Spain

A newer vendor that ships Modafinil online in Spain, does a great job. We’ve been incredibly impressed, especially with their shipping times to Europe and customer service.

If you’re looking for a solid Modafinil seller that offers Bitcoin discounts, return customer coupons, and guaranteed delivery – then is ideal.

Overall, we recommend these guys if you’re looking to get Modafinil for cheap in Spain. Their shipping is a little slower than other vendors, maybe an extra 4-7 days before delivery, but their prices tend to be a little cheaper, too!


Another European-based Modafinil seller is EUfinil. These guys do a great job offering legit Modafinil products to European countries, like Spain.

We love their customer services, 100% money-back guarantee, and super quick shipping times. We’re talking 3-7 days to Spain.

Modafinil and Customs in Spain

I haven’t been able to get a clear answer on why customs and import controls in Spain can be an issue. The reality of the situation is it’s harder to ship Modafinil here quickly than it is in other countries, especially when compared to other European nations.

I’m not a lawyer and this isn’t legal advice, but you won’t have any legal issues trying to import generic Modafinil for personal use while in Spain.

Since most online Modafinil vendors offer guaranteed delivery in this country, your order will arrive and pass through customs. It just takes a little longer to get through customs in Spain than in other places.

Legal Modafinil Alternative: Gorilla Mind Rush

Next, if you have concerns about the legality of Modafinil in Spain, we’ve found a fantastic alternative.

Gorilla Mind Rush is definitely the best over-the-counter Modafinil alternative we’ve found to date. Seriously, Modafinil is the world’s most popular smart drug for a reason…

And Gorilla Mind Rush is the only nootropic we’ve ever tried that can compete with the good stuff, Modafinil. If you’re looking for the best Modafinil alternative – just click here.

Modafinil in Spain: The Ultimate Guide

Overall, if you’re curious about how to buy Modafinil in Spain, we hope this guide makes the process easier. Spain is one of the hardest European countries to buy Modafinil in, but it is possible with the help of some great online Modafinil pharmacies.

If you have any questions or comments about buying nootropics in Spain, please feel free to reach out via our contact form or post a comment below. We’ll do our best to answer all your questions about Modafinil in Spain.

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