How to Buy Modafinil In Germany

Today, we’re talking about how to buy Modafinil in Germany. Aka how to get the world’s best smart drugs while living in a strict European country.

Now, the fatherland is notorious for being a tough country on drug importation. And no, I don’t mean importing kilos of Colombian marching powder. We’re talking importing pharmaceutical, generic drugs to improve cognition.

We’re talking about getting your hands on Modafinil. 

Thankfully, it’s not impossible, but it does come with its own set of considerations. Don’t worry, you’re not out of luck as a German.

After all, Germans deserve the good stuff just as much as other European readers. You just need to take a few extra precautions while in the country.

Medical Disclaimer: I’m not a professional lawyer specializing in drug importation nor a medical professional. Treat this entire article and all its information as entertainment at all times. Always consult professionals when embarking on any new diet, exercise or supplementation plan. Better safe than sorry my friends. Be sure to read our full disclaimer here.

What Is Modafinil?

Before cannon-balling into Modafinil in Germany, let’s talk about the ins and outs of this powerful little focus agent. It was originally a pharmaceutical meant to help those with certain psychiatric disorders, including: (Source).

  • Narcolepsy
  • Shift work sleep disorders
  • Sleep apnea

So, it wasn’t developed as a stand-alone supplement. This explains why it’s so effective. It’s a pharmaceutical grade cognitive enhancer. Thankfully, it appears to be less dangerous than many other pharmaceuticals that are often abused (Source).

It doesn’t take a study to know that drugs like Adderall are very dangerous to use as work or school aids. This is where Modafinil comes in as a much safer alternative. Nothing’s entirely safe, but Modafinil is a far better alternative for those hard-workers seeking an edge.

It’s amazing for those who have to work nights, do shift work or work sleep deprived. It works the best when well-slept, but it helps alleviate the symptoms of fatigue.

You still feel tired, but you can work despite it.

Is Modafinil Legal in Germany?

Modafinil in Germany is legal, that’s the good news. There is some bad news though.

It’s only fully legal with a prescription. Germany made it that way and hard to get your hands on, along with most developed nations, some time ago.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about getting your door kicked in and rushed to jail. The biggest risk is that your package may be seized by customs in the U.K. or Germany.

Overall, you’ll find getting Modafinil in Germany difficult. You either need a prescription or a way to buy Modafinil online.

For most, buying Modafinil online in Germany is a lot easier than getting a legit doctor to provide a prescription – but we wanted to give you all your options.

Do You Need a Prescription for Modafinil?

Yes. 100% required.

You need a prescription for Modafinil in Germany – when you want to buy it 100% legally.

That’s obviously more expensive, but the E.U. does subsidize medicine to an extent, so there is that. The full truth is that most of you still want to go the semi-legal route.

Understandable given the treasure that is Modafinil. You want to save money though, so you’ll still want to order from a generic pharmacy.

How to Buy Modafinil in Germany: A Buyers’ Guide

If you’re curious how to buy Modafinil in Germany on the Internet, the information below is all you will ever need to read.

Here’s the full explanation on who you can order from and their varying strengths and weaknesses:

Modafinil Star

This is an excellent choice for readers in Germany. Modafinil Star is an incredible online pharmacy.

In terms of quality, convenience and price – this vendor is impressive. The aesthetic website alone should tell you that Modafinil Star does not play around.

It’s a serious vendor that offers a wide variety of Modafinil brands. This includes Waklert, Modalert, Artvigil and many more. Brands like Waklert are Armodafinil, which is a pharmaceutical cousin of Modafinil.

You’ll feel like a kid in a biohacking candy store. Shipping to Germany costs a little bit extra, but you’ll still be saving money with Modafinil Star overall – as it’s the cheapest vendor to Germany.

You can save even more by using Bitcoin discounts with these guys!

– Buy from Modafinil Star here –


Here we go, lads. This is a fantastic option for the German enthusiasts because it’s a European supplier. That’s right, it gets around the strict customs issue of Deutschland. No parceling service or fear of seizing.

EUfinil also offers lots of nice little free bonuses. For example, they offer free samples for leaving reviews.

You may be wondering, why not first? Well…

1). It only takes cryptocurrency

2). More expensive paying in Euros.

3). Limited selection.

It does ship very quickly to Germany, with a 4-5 days average arrival time.

If shipping time and guaranteed delivery are all that matters, these guys are the best vendor around. Just know they are a little more expensive, too.

– Buy from Eufinil –


ModaPharma has an extremely pretty, well laid-out website. Thankfully, the quality is up to par, also. It’s got a wide selection, which includes: Modalert, Waklert, and Artvigil.

They have good prices, worldwide shipping, and they independently test their batches for purity. Bad batches of Modafinil aren’t a common issue, but it’s nice to know you’re getting the extra guarantee of quality.

They also offer a shipping of your order from the U.K. This means a much quicker delivery and fewer customs issues, but it is much more expensive for the shipping.

Overall, these guys are pretty top-notch for Germans. They’re simply not the cheapest or the fastest shipping.

– Buy from ModaPharma –

Modafinil and Customs in Germany

Modafinil can get held up in German customs. There’s truly no need to belabor this point too much. The point is that orders getting seized by German customs are relatively common. Le sigh.

No need to worry too much though. You have European vendors. You have parcel forwarding services, and you have my word that you won’t go to jail just for ordering Modafinil.

The worst that tends to happen is that it gets seized and you get a letter about it. If you can’t provide a prescription then they’ll destroy it (Source). You won’t be out of money in most cases as refunds from most vendors cover this.

Legal Modafinil Alternative: Gorilla Mind Rush

So, you’re a German of sound body and sound mind who’s interested in a legal Modafinil alternative. I can’t blame you.

Modafinil is king by no accident. It is numero uno in the cognitive performance enhancing world.

But you might want to avoid all the possible issues that come along with it. There is one amazing alternative to Modafinil. It’s called Gorilla Mind Rush.

It’s honestly the only legal supplement that’s comparable to Modafinil. Give it a try here.

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Modafinil In Germany: The Ultimate Guide

I hope that this guide gave you guys the necessary information to get Modafinil in Germany. It’s hard to cover every possible scenario or situation that can come up, but this covers the bulk of what you need to know.

A lot of Europeans tell horror stories about German customs. They’re not wrong, but there is hope. Shipments of Modafinil get into Germany all the time.

There are many methods to increase the chance of getting a successful shipment of Modafinil into Germany. You can use a parcel or you can use a European supplier.

If all else fails, feel free to get the best legal alternative here.

Hope that helps the German readers calm down and realize that their dreams of cognitive enhancement aren’t dead in the water. There’s hope for you yet. You can buy Modafinil online, too!

Click here to order Modafinil from my favorite supplier!

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