How to Buy Modafinil in Slovenia

If you’re curious about how to buy Modafinil in Slovenia, you’re in the right place.

Se, I know my Slovenian readers need their Modafinil fix. Or at least I assume so. Why else would you be reading?

That’s right, It’s time for another country-specific article over the little miracle smart drug that could, Modafinil.

Modafinil in Slovenia is an important topic. I don’t want to leave any readers behind, and that includes my brethren in Slovenia.

The E.U. can have some quirky rules when it comes to drug laws. Luckily, we’ll go over that and more as we dive headfirst into this often-muddy topic.

Strap in, we’re about to cover everything you need to know about buying Modafinil in Slovenia. If you just want to order, click that big, obnoxious button below…

P.S. I’m not a medical professional or a lawyer specializing in international drug laws. Take this advice as entertainment ONLY! It is not to be taken as professional advice. Always consult a medical professional before beginning any new supplement, drug or nootropic routine. Also, see our general disclaimer here.

What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent that is not a stimulant (Source). It feels like your mind is always “on,” without any sort of cracked-out stimulant effect.

That’s great because you get the same benefits of your typical stimulant without the typical jitters, irritability or anxiety. In essence, it does the following (Source):

  • Boosts cognitive speed and clarity
  • Removes typical mental fatigue
  • Boosts memory and motivation

A solid list of desirable effects. It’s a godsend if you have to work while sleep deprived or if you’re a shift worker.

Honestly though, it works amazingly well on a perfect night’s sleep. That’s the best possible scenario because you’re adding a powerful supplement to an already well-rested body.

Note though, it doesn’t make you smarter. There is nothing easily obtainable or legal which has any demonstrated effect on I.Q.

Sorry, no true limitless pill. But this stuff is damn good.

Is Modafinil Legal in Slovenia?

Oh, you’re in luck, my Slovenian brothers and sisters. Yes, Modafinil is legal in Slovenia. However, not 100% in a certain sense. See, European Union customs are notoriously anal at times though (Source).

There are certain precautions you can take to decrease the chance that customs gets nervous. One huge tip is to put a full address when you order. P.O. boxes make any customs officials nervous. It’s a universal red flag.

There’s also the more general issue of where most generic drugs come from. They come from India. That’s not the biggest problem area in the world, but it’s not considered the safest either.

European custom’s officials do seize outside packages on occasion. Thankfully, there are European suppliers of Modafinil, which we’ll discuss a bit later in the article.

Do You Need a Prescription for Modafinil In Slovenia?

Yes, if you want to go the full legal route.

You are technically breaking the law, but not really (Source).

This is the U.K.’s current legislation regarding Modafinil. Many countries in the E.U. work the same way. Carrying loose pills on you is not advisable, and there shouldn’t be any reason to do that.

Don’t be a wannabe El Chapo and try to sell any of it.

So, Slovenia is relatively safe as far as Modafinil usage goes. You can get a prescription but that often costs far more. Generic is the way to go.

How To Buy Modafinil In Slovenia

Alright, the process is about the same as anywhere else.

You simply have to go about ordering from one of the primary vendors of Modafinil. Now, there are many out there, but they have varying levels of safety, authenticity, and quality.

We’re going to rank these suppliers and fill you guys in on which ones are your best bet:

Modafinil Star 

This is by far your best bet if you live in Slovenia. There’s no other vendor that can offer you the same degree of quality, convenience or options. The website itself screams professional and safe.

It has the full range of pills, including Modalert, Modvigil, and Artvigil. The full quality of which is the topic of another article. It’s got sample packs, it’s got free express shipping, and it’s long-established and trusted.

Finally, you can pay with Bitcoin or Credit Card and there’s a solid 100% money back guarantee on lost or seized batches. That means you’re not taking a wild gamble ordering from Modafinil Star. To be fair, ordering Modafinil is generally safe and reliable.

You do also have the luxury of a reliable customer support team. Note: Do NOT ever trust a drug supplier without a customer service team.

– Click here to buy from Modafinil Star –


One huge plus here…

They ship from WITHIN Europe. This removes a giant hurdle that you normally run into when importing from outside of the E.U. No more custom’s paranoia ruining a good time.

It does only accept Bitcoin sadly. You’ll have to acquire some in order to buy from EUfinil. Thankfully, it has a good money back guarantee, and it’s reputable if you look at reviews online.

It does have a slightly more limited set of products, but it still has Wakalert and Modalert. Those are two solid selections of Modafinil.

All in all, a solid choice, especially if you want the stuff quick.

– Click here to buy from EUfinil –


Modapharma is a worldwide supplier. It’s another reputable supplier. It’s got a relatively fast shipping rate (6 days) and has a great return policy. You do have to wait about 25 days to request the refund, but it’s there, which is the important thing.

There are a few minor cases where you can’t request a refund, but it’s likely to not come up with proper ordering.

Overall, these guys ship quick and offer guaranteed delivery -which is a huge plus.

– Click here to buy from ModaPharma –

BuyMod offers an extremely professional and pretty site like Modafinil Star. Looking at the site, you’d think it’s the best. That’s not the case, but it’s a viable option. It does ship to Slovenia, but with a longer average delivery time than some other sites.

It does provide a wide selection though. It offers Artvigil, Modalert, Modvigil, and Wakalert. It offers full refunds, sample pills with certain orders, and discounts for using Bitcoin. You can’t go wrong using it.

– Buy here –

Modafinil and Customs in Slovenia

There’s some great news and some mildly bad news. The great news? Modafinil ships reliably to Slovenia. The slightly bad news? It’s a little trickier than some countries.

You can thank the E.U. for that. Never fear, the actual number of generic shipments seized is low in most European nations. Slovenia seems to fit this bill. The hype of European customs gets exaggerated due to a few notorious examples. Looking at you Germany!

And no, jack-booted police won’t kick down your door and drag you kicking and screaming to their squad car. You’ll get a notification, and that’ll be that.

Sucks, but no big harm. No harm. No foul. Just remember I’m no lawyer…

Legal Modafinil Alternative: Gorilla Mind Rush

If you don’t want to mess with Modafinil’s legality issues, there is one Modafinil-esque supplement on the market today.

It’s called Gorilla Mind Rush. By far the best over-the-counter Modafinil alternative you’ll find out there. Modafinil is the don-mega of the self-improvement sphere. But Gorilla Mind Rush is a damn close second.

Click here if you want the next best thing without all the legal hassle.

This stuff works.

Modafinil in Slovenia: The Ultimate Guide

It’s a tough job to sum up the whole story about Modafinil in Slovenia, but I hope this guide at least lay’s the groundwork for you interested readers out there.

This guide has everything you need to get started with Modafinil today. Click right here to begin your new life with Modafinil. You’ll be glad you did.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Modafinil, shipping or nootropics in general. We’ll do our best to answer any and all questions via the contact page or simply comment below!

Get your hands on Modafinil while living in Slovenia! Just click here.

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