How to Buy Modafinil in Russia

When you need to know how to buy Modafinil in Russia, you’ve come to the right place. It might not be legal to possess Modafinil here without a prescription, but there are other ways to get your hand on some of the best smart drugs in the world while in Russia.

In the past, you wouldn’t have been able to buy Modafinil in Russia. The drug is hard to find in the country and you’d need to speak Russian in order to get a prescription for it. Luckily, you can now buy Modafinil online and have it shipped to Russia without any issues.

P.S: This is not medical information at all or any form of legal advice. This article is purely informational and should solely be viewed as entertainment. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any smart drugs, like Modafinil. Please read our disclaimer, too. 

What is Modafinil?

Before we dive into the details of buying Modafinil online and shipping it to Russia, let’s talk a little bit about what Modafinil is and why it’s so stinking popular these days.

Modafinil was originally developed in France around the late 1980s, under the name Provigil. The pharmaceutical drug was created to be a wakefulness agent that was not technically a stimulant. Doctors prescribed Provigil for ailments like (Source):

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Shift Sleep Disorder

The drug grew in popularity until the early 2000s when some saw its potential as a smart drug. CEOs and grad students on the east coast of the United States quickly began popping Modafinil like candy to gain a competitive edge.

The smart drug craze had begun. Nowadays, everyone is taking Modafinil for the huge cognitive benefits the smart drug provides. Imagine 12+ hours of pure focus, increased cognition, and enhanced memory. That’s Modafinil!

Is Modafinil Legal in Russia?

Modafinil is legal in Russia if you have a prescription for it from a Russian doctor, but only for certain medical purposes. I can’t read Russian, but I believe they’re fairly strict about prescribing Modafinil for anything other than real cases of narcolepsy.

I’d be surprised if you could get a prescription for Modafinil in Russia or find Provigil in most pharmacies.

It is illegal to possess Modafinil here and you cannot import it into the country legally – even if you have a medical prescription from Russia or another country.

While the laws surrounding Modafinil usage in Russia seem to be stern, we’ve been told from reliable sources that they’re simply not enforced in such a manner. While we’re no lawyers, you shouldn’t have much to worry about if you order from a reliable online Modafinil vendor with discreet packaging.

Do You Need a Prescription For Modafinil in Russia?

Yes, you definitely would need a prescription to get Modafinil from a pharmacy in Russia. You’d also probably have to search around for a pharmacy that has Provigil or generic Modafinil. Speaking Russian at the doctor’s office would also be needed.

Plus, you’d probably have to prove you have narcolepsy, which simply isn’t possible unless you actually have narcolepsy. Suffice to say – getting a prescription for Modafinil while living in Russia really isn’t worth it.

How to Buy Modafinil in Russia – Online Buyers’ Guide

Luckily, it’s easy to buy Modafinil online and have it shipped to Russia these days. While import controls aren’t lax here, you’ll find reliable vendors offer guaranteed delivery and incredibly discreet packaging.

Importing Modafinil to Russia for personal use is possible these days. If you’re looking to buy Modafinil online while in the country, here are the best online Modafinil pharmacies that ship to Russia:


For shipping Modafinil to Russia, we’ve found the best option to be ModaPharma. This online Modafinil pharmacy does a great job, too.

We’ve ModaPharma to be incredibly reliable and they offer guaranteed deliveries, too. You get the Modafinil or you get a full refund/reshipment. No worries here. Plus, their packaging is quite discreet, too.

They claim to ship to Russia in 6-12 business days, although I haven’t been able to confirm exact times with the vendor. The prices are reasonable and they offer solid Bitcoin discounts and return customer coupons.

Overall, if buying Modafinil in Russia is on the docket, I’d start here.

If you’re looking to get Modafinil for cheap while living in Russia, then is a great place to start. These guys are new to the scene, but more than reliable.

We’ve found these guys offer guaranteed deliveries to Russia and some of the best prices around. Their Bitcoin discount is amazing and the return customer coupon ensures you can get great prices on nootropics.


Modafinil and Customs in Russia

Russia has strict import control laws regarding prescription drug laws. I’m no lawyer, but living out your final days in a Russian jail cell doesn’t sound pretty.

Luckily, you shouldn’t have any worries. While the laws are strict, the actual import and customs control processes are not. Your small, discreet Modafinil order will go through customs in Russia without any real issue.

If it didn’t, then the vendors above wouldn’t be able to regularly ship Modafinil to Russia without it getting confiscated.

Even if it does get confiscated, which won’t happen, the custom controls agents will just destroy it and move on. You really have no risks here.

Legal Modafinil Alternative: Gorilla Mind Rush

As well, if you’re concerned about the legality of Modafinil in Russia, we’ve found an absolutely amazing alternative.

Gorilla Mind Rush is the best over-the-counter Modafinil alternative we’ve found to date. Seriously, Modafinil is the world’s most popular smart drug for a reason…

And Gorilla Mind Rush is the only smart drug we’ve ever tried that can compete with Modafinil. If you’re looking for the best Modafinil alternative – just click here. Shipping to Russia shouldn’t be an issue, but make sure to confirm first.

Modafinil in Russia: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re curious how to buy Modafinil in Russia, then this guide should serve as everything you’d need to know.

It can take a little longer to get Modafinil in Russia than in other places, but a few online Modafinil pharmacies still ship here will solid reliability. Hell, I was definitely surprised to find out these guys even guaranteed their deliveries to Russia!

If you have any questions or concerns about buying Modafinil in Russia, feel free to get in touch via the contact form or shoot off a comment below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and look forward to helping in any way we can!

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