Piracetam: Everything You MUST Know About The Smart Drug

I remember the first time I took Piracetam. It was finals week and I had to study for my first ever exams in college. To impress my professors, I wanted to get good grades—after all, I wanted to make a good impression.

So, I took some Piracetam and hit the books.  

Although my first time didn’t go as I had planned – I started to feel drowsy and eventually fell asleep! But I did end up getting good grades.

P.S: This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any smart drug. 

It was my first time taking a drug and I didn’t know that I had not taken enough of it to work on me! It took me a while to figure my ideal Piracetam dosage out, but I got there.

Today I am writing this blog for all of those who are planning on taking some Piracetam for their own reasons and helping you out with almost everything I can!

Let’s get started. 

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What Is Piracetam?

Piracetam is actually the first nootropic ever discovered!

The drug finds its roots in Belgium where it was developed by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, a Roman chemist, and psychologist in the 1960s. Piracetam is a plagiaristic form of GABA or aminobutyric acid.

The main motive behind the drug was to enhance one’s memory and the ability to learn.

Piracetam is known to have positive effects on one’s focus, cognitive performance, memory function, and mood.

In fact, it has been effective in slowing down the rapid aging of the brain in patients suffering from Down Syndrome.

Some studies have shown that Piracetam can help prevent brain damage which is caused due to hypoxia or excessive intake of alcohol. The drug has also been said to reverse the symptoms Dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease!

Because of its many benefits, Piracetam is medicinally used in Russia, Europe, South America, and other countries to help treat conditions such as myoclonus.

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The Legal Status of Piracetam

Piracetam is an unregulated drug in the US meaning that even though it is technically legal, no official prescription recommendations exist.

Piracetam comes in bulk as a white powder which has a grapefruit-like bitter flavor. The supplement is cheap and is also available in the market.

Piracetam And The Corpus Callosum

Taking Piracetam is known to help increase communication between the two brain hemispheres and to also increase the activity of the corpus callosum.

The Left and Right brain are in charge of complementary but different functions.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • The left brain has been associated with analytical intelligence or academic intelligence which includes the ability to speak, process grammar, read and write, memory (recalling names, times and events), logical and numeric ability, analysis, etc. Mental health experts believe that the left brain controls one’s Intelligence Quotient or IQ.
  • The right brain is the center for one’s artistic development such as creativity, emotions, feelings, style, imagination, music, color, fantasy, recognition of oneself and that of others, personality development, socialization. Mental health experts believe that the left brain controls one’s Emotional Quotient or EQ.

Piracetam is known to allow both the brain hemispheres to interact as well as transmit information more adequately with each other.

Finding the Ideal Piracetam Dosage

Studies conducted in the field of this drug have concluded that the optimal or ideal dose of piracetam that helps increase an adult’s cognition is about 4800 mg which should be split into two or three doses.

However, there’s another study of interest…

A study conducted by Dimond and Brouwers, it was concluded that a smaller dosage of Piracetam can also have a positive cognitive effect. It was found that significant improvement was seen cognitive abilities when a dose of 1200 mg was split into three per day for 14 days.

But, in order to find your ideal dosage, you’ll have to ultimately take the drug yourself to see how it affects your body.

I would recommend you to start by taking small doses of Piracetam and build your way up to monitor your body’s unique response to the drug so that you can make adjustments accordingly.

One more thing that you should know is that the doses recommended in this article are ideal only when you take piracetam alone, that is, without stacking it or mixing it with other nootropics.

Piracetam could be the world’s safest drug, but you still need to exercise precaution and start small—after all, you only get one body.

Benefits of Piracetam.

The Benefits of Piracetam

In this section of the blog, I would like to talk about the several benefits associated with this nootropic drug.

Let’s take a look!

Piracetam Helps in Preventing Neurodegeneration in Alcoholics

Piracetam Helps Schizophrenics

Piracetam Helps Protect One’s Hearing

After being treated immediately with Piracetam and Prednisone, 65% soldiers that were exposed to AAT or Acute Acoustic Trauma or in simple words, damaging gunfire were successful in preserving their hearing ability while 23.3% of them successfully preserved their hearing when treated under 24hrs.

Piracetam Helps Combat Decline of Cognition in The Elderly

Piracetam Helps Patients Suffering from Dyslexia

  • In a 21 day study period, it was found that the intake of piracetam helped in increasing the verbal learning 8.6% in healthy students as compared to the placebo. Dyslexic patients also showed an increase of 15% in verbal learning.
  • Piracetam can also help dyslexic children. In a study, children were asked to analyze letters and were given doses of 3.3 grams per day for over 36 weeks.  Increase in the reaction time, as well as the ability to language recognition, was seen.

Piracetam is an Antithrombotic

Common Side Effects Linked to Piracetam

Even though the racetam family of nootropics have low rates of toxicity and are known to be safe, they still have side effects.

There have only been a handful of extremely adverse side effects reported throughout the world. Still, extremely large dosages of this drug have been linked to causing the following side effects:

  •  Anxiety
  •  Headache
  •  Insomnia

A headache is the most common side effect reported by users. But, stacking your piracetam with a good choline supplement can help you combat these.

Severe Effects of Piracetam

In this section, I’d like to talk about certain facts that you might not be aware of.

Since each and every person is different, the way that their body reacts to a certain drug is also different.

While for most, the worst side effect is probably a headache, some also suffer from severe effects.

So, let’s take a look, shall we?

Brain Fog and Fatigue

What is brain fog?

Brain fog or brain fatigue seems to be the most common side effect caused due to Piracetam—clouding of consciousness usually takes place when one is experiencing brain fog. This abnormality of consciousness is less severe and mild when compared to delirium.

With brain fog, the awareness of one’s environment and oneself has impaired—something that shouldn’t normally happen when one is awake or aroused.

Although linked to drowsiness, brain fog may not always be accompanied with it. 

Mental health workers have reported that even though patients are awake, they may still have a clouded conscious.

It is interesting how Piracetam is linked with brain fog.

Fatigue has also been linked to the intake of Piracetam—the distinct feature of which is the feeling of weakness.

Fatigue may be:

  • Physical
  • Mental

Fatigue felt after the intake of Piracetam is usually mental fatigue.  

Insomnia, Irritability, and Sweating

Troubles in the onset of sleep, irritability as well as sweating are side effects linked to the intake of Piracetam.

The increase in the activation of the mineralocorticoid/aldosterone receptors (which mediate the effects of Piracetam) helps explain the side effects of sleep problems and irritability.


Keep in mind that these side effects are experienced by those who undergo a lot of stress or overuse stimulants—which causes cortisol to release excessively. So, in this case, piracetam may just be working as a cherry on top.

Let’s look at a few things that could be contributing to an increase in your cortisol level:

  • Chronic stress
  • Steroid medicines
  • Adrenal problems
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Depression

I would advise you to stop taking Piracetam immediately if you feel that you might have high cortisol levels.

After all, you have to take care of yourself, right?

Muscle Problems

Yes, Piracetam has also been linked to people developing muscle problems.

In fact, some people have reported permanent twitching of muscles which has not stopped even after they stopped taking piracetam!

The reason behind this has been linked to the fact that piracetam is known to interact with the cholinergic system of your body. So, taking the drug decreases acetylcholine in some parts of the brain and the body.

Added to the fact that most people don’t usually have the optimal levels of this neurotransmitter, to begin with, decreasing its levels can have bad consequences such as:

  • Decrease in general intelligence
  • Developing spasms
  • Headaches

The good thing is that you can avoid things going south altogether!

All you have to do is to supplement your piracetam with some choline. That seems to be a good solution for those who suffer from muscle spasms and headaches.

Acetylcholine is also known to have an effect on a person’s sweat glands causing them to sweat too much due to the hypothalamic dysregulation.

Problems In Spelling, Reading, Word Retrieval, Etc.

Ironic, isn’t it? There have been many reports describing issues with reading and spelling after the intake of Piracetam.

This may have to do something with the coordination of the brain’s two hemispheres.

Chemical structure of Piracetam.

Where to Buy Piracetam Online? 

Don’t get too worried about the side effects of Piracetam. They’re exceptionally rare for most users. Personally, I’ve yet to have any issue with this unique smart drug.

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Everything You Need to Know About Piracetam

Being the first nootropic ever discovered, Piracetam has been used all over the world to treat conditions such as myoclonus, work shift disorder, etc.

It was soon discovered that this drug helped people in enhancing their cognitive abilities which caused one to have increased in focus, the span of attention, work productivity, etc.

Soon enough, people started using the drug as a supplement! And a great one at that! If you’re looking for a highly effective nootropic, I highly recommend checking out Piracetam. 


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Still, have unanswered questions? Well, I’ll help you through it! Leave them in the comments section and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

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